Keeping your Sunbrella® Boat Canopy Clean

Keep your Sunbrella® boat cover a complementary piece to your boat or personal watercraft for years to come. With the customization options offered from Breeze Boat Lifts for your Sunbrella® cover, you can pick the color or pattern that best fits your taste and keep it looking great season after season.

Sunbrella® is Easy to Clean and Will Protect your Boat or Personal Watercraft

The Sunbrella® company offers some recommendations on how to keep your boat cover clean this season.

  • Brush off loose sand or dirt.
  • Using a mild soap and water, spray this solution onto the fabric.
  • Using a soft bristle brush, gently remove any debris from the fabric.
  • Allow the mild soap and water solution to soak into the fabric.
  • Make sure to rinse the fabric of all soap residue and then let the fabric air dry.