Our Food

Harbor Docks has been locally sourcing food for more than 35 years. Our menu offers a fresh variety with local taste and exquisite flavor. We are the seafood restaurant in Destin that understands splendid cuisine.

Our seafood comes from the Gulf of Mexico. The relationships we have built with commercial fishermen are as valuable as the camaraderie that we’ve developed with our customers.We take pride in being a favorite seafood restaurant in Destin.

At a time when over 90% of seafood served in the United States is imported, and most often mis-labeled, we pride ourselves on selling the real deal. And no – we don’t sell Alaskan crab claws. They probably taste better in Alaska.

We have operated our own wholesale seafood market since 1982. It is hard to imagine what our life would be like without it. Once seafood is harvested from the Gulf, it is unloaded at our docks, cleaned in our market, and delivered upstairs to our restaurant. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

We also utilize relationships with local produce growers when possible. We don’t do this as part of some kind of crusade. We do it out of common sense. Who in their right mind would buy tomatoes from Mexico when they are available from Redbay, Florida? Just another way we are the seafood restaurant in Destin that has your best interest in mind.

We keep things simple. However, we do offer unusual arrays of cooking styles.
Yoshia Eddings has been our sushi chef for 25 years. She has introduced more people to sushi than anyone in the southeast.

Dang McCormick, from Chiang Mai, Thailand, has run our daytime kitchen since 1980. She prepares authentic Thai cuisine every day for lunch.

Duster Strawbridge is our chef and he has the skill to know when to hold back, and let our fresh fish work its magic every evening.

We want you to eat with us at Harbor Docks. But there are other wonderful restaurants when searching your local seafood restaurant in Destin. Keep in mind, they are all independently owned. So if you are a visitor to our area, enjoy a meal at any of our locally owned and operated restaurants. If you want to know which ones are guaranteed to sell fresh fish, check our Harbor Docks Seafood Market web site to find out.

our food

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